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Protecting Your Eyes During the Colder Months

Winter brings with it much change and exciting holidays. However, it can also bring conditions that are not great for your eyes. Protecting your eyes from the even drier winter Read More

How Often Do You Need an Eye Exam?

Whether you're having trouble with seeing or if you're just concerned with your eye health, an eye exam is an important way to make sure that you're performing at your Read More

Top Five Common Genetic Eye Conditions You Want to Know About

Time is a strange thing. One minute you’re living a carefree life, and the next you’re worrying about your eyesight. When you or people in your family deal with eye Read More

5 Solid Reasons to Schedule Eye Exams for Your Entire Family

Sometimes, you know right away you need an eye exam. Symptoms are obvious, like blurry vision. But if your 4-year-old can’t see well, can they easily communicate that to you? Read More

The Helpful Information You Need About Diabetes and Your Eye Health

Diabetes is a growing health concern all over the world. As cases continue to rise, so does its secondary, serious complication: Diabetic Retinopathy (DR). Diabetic Retinopathy is one of the Read More

What's the Big Deal about Blue Light, and Does It Really Affect My Eye Health?

Our evenings are more illuminated than ever with the presence of continuously evolving screens in daily life. From TVs and tablets to laptops and smartphones —our eyes absorb tons of Read More

3 Common Types of Dreaded Pink Eye & Important Details You Need to Know

When you look at someone, often the first thing you notice is their eyes. If those eyes are red or pink, it’s pretty noticeable. We’ve all likely heard “pink eye” Read More

How to Stop Your Eyelid Twitching and the Main Reasons Behind It

All of a sudden, your eyelid twitches…Then you notice it again.And again!You can’t help but wonder, “why?” If you deal with this annoying issue regularly, you want to get to Read More

Blepharitis: A Quick Overview of This Eye Condition and Ways to Help Yourself

Blepharitis is a fancy way of saying your eyelids are inflamed. It’s a common eye condition that comes with some irritating symptoms. Our optometrist loves providing exceptional eye care to Read More

Insight on Eye Floaters and How They Can Impact Your Vision

Eye floaters appear as dots or strings in your vision. If you’re seeing them, you probably want to know why! At Eye On Health here in Phoenix, our optometrist cares Read More

Common Culprits of Eye Allergies and Easy Solutions to Find Relief

Eye allergies are common, and understanding the cause behind them is important to get the relief you need. Knowing why your allergies flare up helps improve or prevent those irritating Read More

5 Common Reasons for Your Blurry Vision — Check Out #3 for a Super Easy Fix!

When you have blurry vision, it’s frustrating. You’re trying to blink more to clear it up, but it keeps happening. Our experienced optometrist understands vision concerns like this. You want Read More

Will Having High Blood Pressure Cause Damage to Your Eyesight?

We want to help you understand how common medical conditions play an important role in your eye health. You know having high blood pressure isn’t good for your overall health, but did you know it can damage your eyes? Read More

How to Understand Macular Degeneration and What It Means For Your Vision

Did you or someone you love recently get diagnosed with macular degeneration? It’s a lot to take in and we understand at Eye on Health. We love providing you and Read More

What is Glaucoma and How Do You Preserve Your Vision?

What is Glaucoma and How Do You Preserve Your Vision? At Eye on Health here in Phoenix Arizona, our optometrist and dedicated staff believe that knowledge is power. Your vision is Read More

Viewing 1 - 15 out of 18 posts


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