Pink Eye

Pink eye is a condition that causes many uncomfortable symptoms. If you happen to have this condition, getting treatment from an eye doctor is a priority. Contact Eye On Health in Phoenix to make an appointment with our optometrist, Dr. Brett Balocca. We will determine if your condition is indeed pink eye and reduce or eliminate your symptoms. We have gathered some information on the signs that you may have pink eye, steps to take to alleviate your symptoms at home, and what our optometrist can do to help.


Signs You May Have Pink Eye

Several signs could indicate you have been affected by Pink Eye. Pink Eye, also known as conjunctivitis, causes the white portions of your eyes to look pink or red. You may have extreme itchiness of the eyes while suffering from this condition. You may also have discharge from the eyes. This is usually a clear or yellowish color. The discharge will harden around your eyes while you sleep, causing your eyelids to feel as if they will not open due to the presence of mucus that has dried while you slept. Some people feel as if they have foreign objects in their eyes, such as dirt or sand when they have Pink Eye.

Alleviate the Symptoms at Home

It is best to refrain from being near other people when you are suffering from Pink Eye, as this condition is extremely contagious. If you are suffering from itchiness, use a warm compress over the eyes to help reduce your discomfort. This process will also soften any discharge around your eyes when you wake up, helping you to fully open your eyes. If you are suffering from discomfort from sunlight or illumination indoors, wear a pair of sunglasses and keep the curtains drawn until your condition improves. Do not share any items that you use in or around the eyes and wash your hands frequently to help stop the spread of this condition to others. If only one eye has been affected, make sure to not use the same washcloth on both eyes as this will likely spread the condition to the other eye.

How Our Eye Doctor in Phoenix Can Help

Our optometrist, Dr. Brett Balocca, provides a wide range of eye care services. If you are suffering from the symptoms of Pink Eye, contact Eye On Health in Phoenix to make an appointment for an evaluation. Our eye doctor provides eye exams, prescribes medication for allergies, dry eyes, and pink eye to alleviate the symptoms quickly and efficiently. We will help you find the relief you need and improve the health of your eyes. Call us today at (480) 809-0550 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Balocca.

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