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Did you know that most eye problems don't show obvious signs — and you may not even recognize their symptoms? But here's the great news: a licensed optometrist can quickly evaluate your vision and eye health. If there is something amiss with your eye health, an early diagnosis can transform your life.

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with an eye or vision-related condition and are struggling to find the care you deserve. Or you’re simply over the pop-up eyeglass shops that barely take eye health into consideration.

Eye On Health strives to provide comprehensive primary eye care for the whole family. Dr. Balocca and his dedicated staff give you exceptional, compassionate care using state-of-the-art technology for a thorough eye exam. He founded Eye On Health to serve his Phoenix community with the best eye and vision services possible.

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5 Critical Areas of a Quality Eye Exam

Whether it’s your first eye exam, or it’s time to update your eyeglass prescription, you want someone who cares about your eye health. Some pop-up eyeglass stores don’t even take eye health into consideration — and there’s so much more to a detailed eye exam than just a prescription.  

1. Medical History 

It’s important the optometrist knows about both your eye health and your overall health. Click here for our new patient forms. Expect to go over vital information including:

  • Your medical history
  • Whether you’re using any eye drops
  • What medications you’re taking
  • Family history of eye diseases
  • Past surgeries you’ve had

Your past medical history and conditions help inform the eye doctor of potential issues that directly relate to your eye health.

2. Overview of Symptoms

Your current symptoms matter to us at Eye On Health and provide essential insight during your eye exam. Are you having trouble with:

Blurry vision?
Watering eyes?
Finding an optometrist for a diabetic eye exam?

We’re here for you and your family. Our experienced optometrist is ready to listen and help you find solutions that work fast.

Experiencing eye or vision symptoms? Uncover the issue at Eye On Health. Schedule an appointment here or call (480)-809-0550!

3. Vision Testing

Regular vision testing ensures that you always have the clearest vision possible. Our Phoenix optometrist provides visual acuity tests as part of a comprehensive eye exam. This measures your distance and reading vision.

You hear this number in a fraction form. 20/20 is optimal for normal distance and reading vision. Depending on the results of your vision test — you may need glasses or contacts. 

Curious about a contact lens exam? Learn more here.

4. Eye Function Testing

Measuring different aspects of your eye’s functionality helps the optometrist understand how well your eyes are working together. We evaluate key areas for optimal eye function:

  • Depth perception
  • Color vision
  • Eye muscles
  • Peripheral (side) vision
  • Responsiveness to light

These tests determine if your eyes are focusing, moving, and working together properly. This information allows Dr. Balocca to understand any underlying eye conditions you may have.

5. Checking Overall Eye Health

Dr. Balocca evaluates your eye health by visually inspecting the eyes and eyelids using magnification and a bright light. Depending on your particular case, he may need to dilate the pupils. We know, it’s a dreaded part of an eye exam. But it truly helps us better examine your eye’s internal structures for signs of disease.

We check for signs of glaucoma by measuring your eye pressure. It’s easily detectable in an exam, yet doesn’t show obvious signs or symptoms you’d notice at home. Dr. Balocca thrives on treating common eye issues early — and preventing damage to your vision.

With our advanced technology, we’re able to view layers inside your eye with a special non-invasive camera called optical coherence tomography (OCT). OCT allows Dr. Balocca to evaluate the health of your retina with incredible precision.  More in-depth exam? More in-depth information and options!

Regular eye exams preserve your precious vision!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When should I have an eye exam?

It’s valuable to know how often you need an eye exam. According to the American Optometric Association, all healthy and low-risk adults should get a checkup in these intervals:

Age 0-2: One exam
Age 3-5: One exam
Age 6-17: Every year
Age 18-39: Every 2 years
Age 40-64: Every 2 years
Age 65 and older: Every year

Remember, this is for low-risk, healthy individuals. 

If you have risk factors that impact your eye health, like high blood pressure, diabetes, or a family history of eye disease — you’ll likely need to see an optometrist more often. How do you know? Ask at your appointment about a personalized plan. 

If you wear contacts or glasses, you should see your optometrist at least once a year to make sure your prescription hasn’t changed.

Dr. Balocca personally recommends yearly eye exams but understands life happens, (don’t wait more than 2 years though!).

What is a refraction?

When you want new contacts or glasses, our optometrist performs a refraction. It’s the classic scene with the eye doctor asking, “what’s better, 1 or 2?” Holding up different graded lenses causes the light to refract, or split, depending on your unique vision. It informs the doctor of the exact prescription you need to see your best. 

What if my vision is really bad?

If your vision can’t be corrected or improved, you may have an underlying eye condition. Dr. Balocca is specially trained to manage some forms of eye diseases, like macular degeneration and early forms of diabetic retinopathy.

Other times you may need to see a specialist. Our optometrist will explain your eye condition in detail — and why a specialist referral is the best choice. You’ll leave our office with the next steps and a good understanding of what’s going on.

What can I expect after my eye exam?

Dr. Balocca goes over your eye health and vision recommendations with you, so you understand your options. You now know the next steps to guarantee you’re taking the best care of your eyes after an appointment at Eye On Health.

If you need contact lenses, we might have a trial pair you can walk out with the same day! Otherwise, we order them for pick-up at our office or directly ship them to your home.

Our dedicated staff helps you find the perfect fit if you’re looking for new frames for your glasses. We get your new ones ordered for you, and in no time you’re looking — and seeing —  your best!

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