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Meet Dr. Balocca,

Your Phoenix Optometrist

His Greatest Passion: Supporting You with Exceptional Vision Care

Dr. Balocca

After growing up in rural Kansas, Dr. Balocca brings that nice small-town feel to our big city. He came to the Phoenix area because, as he explains, “the desert was calling me. I had never even been to Arizona when I decided to move.” He now considers West Valley his home and is thrilled to serve the community as a local optometrist.

When he’s not working, you’re likely to find him hiking at Cave Creek with his wife and daughter (they’re expecting another baby girl in October!). After a nice big hike, he’ll easily down a cheeseburger or some local BBQ. When it’s time to really veg out, he enjoys a Marvel movie marathon or a classic like Legends of the Fall.

But his favorite thing? Taking care of all your vision and eye care needs. 

Dr. Balocca founded Eye on Health in 2013 to help his new community doing what he loves most. He thrives on making a positive impact on the Phoenix community he serves and loves.

He’s got a special soft spot for our veterans, saying, “Our nation’s military is selfless men and women who protect our country — and they deserve exceptional medical care.”

When looking for a local optometrist, you want someone you can trust and count on. 

As an experienced eye doctor, with over 8 years in practice, Dr. Balocca knows how much your vision means to you. He understands your concerns and wants to help with:

Updating your glasses
Fitting you for contacts
Performing a diabetic exam
Checking for macular degeneration

And most importantly, educating and answering all of your questions about eye health. He enjoys serving everyone in the family — from you to your parents to your kids!

Dr. Balocca’s Background and Education Serve Your Eye Care Needs

As an eye doctor, Dr. Balocca understands the importance of providing unique solutions that address his patients’ individual needs. Just like no two eyes are the same, neither are people. He prides himself in supporting your specific vision goals.

His grandmother experienced a debilitating eye disease, so he saw firsthand how vision loss impacts daily life. Since his grandmother was one of his heroes, he chose to dedicate his life to helping others prevent — or at least minimize — the devastating effects of vision issues. Plus, one night, at the age of 11, he dreamt of helping a young boy with glasses. At the time, he didn’t know what this dream meant. Now, he looks back knowing optometry was his destiny. 

Dr. Balocca’s Education:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry (Pittsburg State University)
  • Doctor of Optometry degree (Nova Southeastern University)

Dr. Balocca is trained in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of many eye diseases. At Nova Southeastern University, he took a special interest in the management of diabetic patients and hypertensive eye exams (for people with high blood pressure). If you’re dealing with either of these health concerns, rest assured that you’re in great hands at Eye on Health.

A visit to the optometrist is so much more than new glasses or contacts. Our comprehensive eye exams give Dr. Balocca the details he needs to give you the best eye care services Phoenix has to offer. And if you do have an underlying eye condition, trust and believe Dr. Balocca will refer you to specialists in order to best serve your overall eye health.

You’ll feel the difference in care from Dr. Balocca and his dedicated staff at Eye on Health.

Dr. Brett and Family

From the moment you check in, you’ll notice a difference with our team. You’ll feel genuine care during your testing and until you walk out the door. Going the extra mile for your eye care needs is just who Dr. Balocca is — and he builds his team with other eye care professionals who feel the same way about their work. His friends and family talk about how nice and funny he is, helping his patients and staff feel at home and taken care of at his office.

He started his own optometry practice in Phoenix because his level of care goes beyond the “normal” eye doctor. He wants to assure his patients understand their eye care and what to look out for if they have a certain ocular condition. He keeps an eye on health, and helps you learn to do that too!

Feel the compassion and care you’re looking for when you bring your vision concerns to Eye on Health!

Dr. Balocca is different from other optometrists in the Phoenix area. He naturally puts people at ease, even when discussing fears or concerns. You might even forget you’re talking to a doctor! (PS: Don’t get him started on football and UFC because he could talk for hours about that. And yes, he is old enough to be your eye doctor — a common question he gets.)

Dr. Balocca provides the resources and education you need for your eye health. We pack our blog with useful tips and demystify scary topics to help you understand how to approach optimal eye health. We know how important your vision is for a full life here in beautiful Phoenix — and Dr. Balocca built Eye on Health with YOU in mind.

Put your eye care needs in the right hands with Dr. Balocca!

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