5 Solid Reasons to Schedule Eye Exams for Your Entire Family

Sometimes, you know right away you need an eye exam. Symptoms are obvious, like blurry vision. But if your 4-year-old can’t see well, can they easily communicate that to you? It’s possible you won’t know until much later — and lots of eye diseases don’t even present symptoms. (Kinda scary!)

Annual or routine eye exams don’t just check on your vision. They provide a complete look at your overall eye health. From making sure you don’t have signs of diabetic retinopathy to assuring your eyes are properly lubricated, Eye On Health covers it all.

If you live in the Phoenix area, the best eye doctor around is near you — Dr. Balocca. He’s been serving the community he loves since 2013 when he opened his optometry practice.

Today we’ll review 5 important reasons to schedule your family’s eye exams sooner rather than later. starting with the obvious one — blurry vision and then jumping into some issues you may have never thought about (ever heard of myopia progression?) Let’s dive in!


1. Blurry Vision: The #1 Reason for an Eye Exam

When you notice your vision isn’t quite what it used to be, you know it’s time for an eye exam. Blurry vision is the most common symptom that you’ll experience when you need to update your prescription, and often results from refractive errors. (Keep reading; we won’t get too technical.)

Refractive errors include:

  • Nearsightedness (myopia)

  • Farsightedness (hyperopia)

  • Astigmatism

All these imperfections have to do with the shape of our cornea and how light filters in. Glasses and contacts redirect light so it lands in the right spot. Translation: We see clearly with the help of new lenses! 

“Which is better, 1 or 2?”

A classic eye doctor line. This simple, yet repetitive question comes during the refraction part of your exam. Each new response lets the eye doctor know how to specifically optimize your vision. Since your child or teenager may not even realize they’re experiencing blurry vision, regular check-ups make a huge difference. (See #5 for more on this.) 

Whether you or your family need new glasses or contact lenses, Dr. Balocca’s experience gives the best prescription possible!

2. Good Eye Health Matters as Much as Clear Vision

An American Optometric Associates survey in 2020 unveiled that almost all Americans feel their eye health is just as important as their heart health! BUT — nearly half of people ages 23-38 don’t think they need an eye exam if their vision is clear. [1] 

We don’t mean to single this age group out specifically, but this survey shows that when it comes to eye health — a lot of people only think about their vision. We 100% care about how well you’re able to see, so we understand why eyesight is so important to you. And, as eye care experts, we also get how imperative your overall eye health is to keep your vision.

No one understands that more than our seasoned and compassionate optometrist. At Eye On Health here in Phoenix, Dr. Balocca invests in the latest eye care technology. So when you visit us, we provide the best look into your eye health — right at your appointment!

Our comprehensive eye exams cover all areas of health and vision concerns for any age. Whether it’s for you, your aging parent, or your little one, come get the answers you’re looking for and the guidance you need from a trusted local optometrist.


3. Early Detection Saves Your Vision from Eye Disease

We advocate routine checkups for your whole family, early prevention and consistent check-ups can change your life. Our eyes are always changing, and sometimes those changes aren’t good. Often, changes can be so subtle that only certain tests during an eye exam detect them.

When your eye health starts to deteriorate for any reason (even normal ones like developing cataracts or needing bifocals) — you want an eye doctor you trust. An eye doctor who’s going to carefully explain what’s going on and your options. Dr. Balocca brings specialization in certain eye diseases to every visit, so rest assured he’ll notice warning signs.

Early detection protects your eyesight by preventing vision loss from serious eye issues like diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Annual visits monitor the progression of ocular diseases, so you’re never in the dark. Plus, it’s nice to know your eyes are in good shape — they’re pretty important, right?

4. We Offer the Latest Eye Care Technology to Serve Your Entire Family

While your eye exam and vision testing give the doctor a good idea of your overall eye health, our state-of-the-art ocular machines provide an in-depth look into the future of your eye health. (Don’t worry, they don’t hurt!)

We carry cutting-edge tools critical in detecting common eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma

During your family’s visit, we may perform an OCT (optical coherence tomography, you won’t be asked to remember this!) picture. This highly detailed, noninvasive test photographs your retina. (The retina lines the back of our eyes, detects light, and essentially, allows us to see.)

An OCT is remarkably advanced — it shows the separate layers in your retina! Inside these layers, subtle changes can occur without you ever noticing. But Dr. Balocca will! Rest assured your visit to Eye On Health will be educational and helpful.

5. The Rise of Myopia Progression In Children

When you can’t see objects far away, it’s called myopia or nearsightedness (not confusing at all, right?). It’s a common refractive error, but it’s on the rise in children. Honestly, it’s a little concerning.

Myopia changes the shape of your kid’s actual eyeball (or yours). Instead of a nice round shape, it curves a little more like a football. This prevents the light entering eyes from landing exactly where it should — causing blurry vision. Kids can have a hard communicating blurry vision, especially if they’re really little.


Having your child evaluated by a caring optometrist near you brings comfort to the whole family. As a parent, you want to make sure you set your child up for success. Dr. Balocca is the proud father of two, so he understands that. If children need glasses or any other intervention, the sooner the better.

Risk factors for myopia include [2]:

  • Parents with Myopia

  • Low Outdoor Activity

  • Time Spent on Close Up Activities

  • Being Female

Let’s chat about two of these real quick. Low indoor activity: What comes to mind? Or how about the amount of time spent on activities up close like coloring or...

Can anyone say screen time?

We aren’t going to jump on our soapbox too long. As myopia continues to increase all over the world, screen time’s being recognized as a factor. A study in China showed that the year 2020 has an impact on children ages 6 and 8. [3]

We know the last year and a half has been a doozy, and no doubt, screen time increased as we all found ways to cope. It’s not about the past, blame, or shame — it’s about moving forward intentionally (and maybe a little more outdoor time!). 

With a dedicated eye doctor who cares about the entire family, you can optimize your child’s eye health — now and in the future. If your child does have myopia, there are treatment options available. Ask Dr. Balocca at your appointment.

Choose Eye On Health In Phoenix For Your Family’s Eye Exams

Don’t dread your yearly eye exam visits or go to a random eye doctor when you have a problem. Living in Phoenix, you’ve got a caring optometrist nearby. Plus, when your kids get used to seeing the same person, it makes appointments so much easier!

We can’t overemphasize the importance of routine eye exams. And if you or your kids don’t need to come in every year, you won’t have to! Dr. Balocca makes personalized recommendations, and most patients with frequent appointments are being monitored for certain health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. If you aren’t at higher risk, he’ll space out your exams accordingly.

If you know it’s been a while, come on in for a visit. We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your family’s overall eye health.

Call our office at (480) 809-0550 or Schedule Your Appointment Online Now!


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