Children's Eye Exam

Optometry Services and Children's Eye Exam

Pediatricians conduct simple eye tests during wellness checks to see how a child's vision progresses. In some cases, the physician recommends the child see an eye doctor, but only after there is a concern and sometimes after the damage has already been done. Therefore, it is essential to take your child in to see our eye doctor for routine eye exams to catch problems early. For questions about children's eye exams, visit us at Eye On Health in Phoenix, AZ, to get your answers. Dr. Brett Balocca understands the need for your children to undergo routine eye exams with an optometrist and is ready to help answer all your questions and concerns. 


What Are Pediatric Eye Exams?

A children's eye exam is conducted by our eye doctor. Our optometrist is trained, experienced, and skilled in treating common eye conditions in children and helping them see better. Our eye doctor can help them see better in school through routine eye exams, check for accurate eye movements, and look for conditions such as binocular vision. 

If you need a children's eye exam for your child, contact our optometrist. 

The Importance of Eye Care in Children

Many schools conduct vision screenings to help identify any potential problems with your child's learning ability. However, even if your child has passed this screening, scheduling a comprehensive eye exam with our optometrist is still highly recommended. Preparing a comprehensive eye exam helps identify any potential vision problems not recognized in a school vision screening. 

When to Schedule Your Child's First Eye Exam

It is highly recommended that children have an eye exam before starting school. However, for the best eye care for your child, children should have their first eye exam at six months of age. An eye exam at this age ensures your child's vision is developing typically. After the initial exam, it is recommended to bring your child in for an eye exam every year, or at least by the age of 2 or 3.

What Is Involved in a Preschool Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is recommended before your child enters preschool. Our optometrist may examine visual acuity, eye tracking, convergence, color vision, and ocular health during this exam. 

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